Will there be a Phase Two?

Yes. What we saw in our Phase One findings is that there is indeed a tribe of people who want to try something different. In Phase Two we will build on that momentum. Within our core learnings, we clearly heard two specific areas where we want to focus.

More Data

As you saw throughout the report, we have a great collection of directional data. Now we need to go expand our Pool for a more widespread view. We also learned that we need to ask some of our questions differently. So in the coming months we will work to both expand and fine-tune our data collection methods. 

More Conversations

We believe that better conversations can lead to a shift in the existing culture of fear and risk-aversion, so we will do what we can to facilitate those opportunities. We have lots of ideas (the kind that get us all excited and waving our arms around), but we aren't quite ready to share yet. Stay tuned.

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And if you are still unsure about this whole lab idea, this TED talk gives a fantastic overview of how something similar made a big difference in Kenya.