About the Lab Staff - Meet Mackenzie

I'm Mackenzie Ellis, a co-founder of The Lab, an elementary reading intervention teacher, a mom to our three kids (8, 6, and 3), and a wife to my high school sweetheart. I run on coffee, don't believe breakfast should be a real thing, and always have a house project in the works. Maybe similar to you, I've never had an experience in life that has been quite as humbling or as fun as parenting. 

With three kids, life is pretty much anything but cool, calm, and collected. Most days are full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, finding my three year old's shoes, and reminding my kids to brush their teeth and change their underwear. Sound familiar? 

Being part of The Lab came out of a desire to be involved in foster care advocacy after being a teacher for nearly a decade, a foster parent for 5 years, and completing my Master's thesis on youth emancipation from foster care in December. Like most families involved with the foster care system, we have experienced challenges with visitation, timelines, many social worker changes, and delayed trials. Despite the challenges, I am committed to bringing about opportunities for productive and respectful conversations that contribute to change.