What is the impact of clarity?

The following test applies the simple strategy of providing clear information. In a system where instructions can often be convoluted and confusing, does simplicity affect satisfaction?



As a foster parent, I want to receive confirmation that my caregiver report to the court was received by the judge/commissioner, so that I know my voice was heard.



Providing caregivers with clear, consistent instructions for how to file a caregiver report will result in an increased level of reported satisfaction.


In this experiment we are focused in on the residents of Cowlitz county. We have found that different counties have different methods and preferences, so for test simplicity we are remaining within one county.

  1. The steps of submitting a caregiver report in Cowlitz county were confirmed and outlined.
  2. A simple webpage was built to describe those steps.
  3. Foster parents in this area were invited through both Facebook and their Fostering Together representative to view the site in order to learn about the process.


A survey will be completed both before and after viewing the informational webpage. Data will be gathered about the viewer's knowledge and satisfaction.

So how'd it go?

Well, the short story is that it didn't. One of our Key Learnings from the overall experience of The Lab is that foster parent exhaustion, distrust, and gaps in the available communication channels can make it hard to get momentum. All of our experiments were hampered by low traffic, which meant that we didn't get any statically significant data. Which is ok with us, because we learned some important things, and learning is the name of our game.

What happens next?

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