Slowly, but surely.

The purpose of the Foster Innovation Lab is not to find a silver bullet that fixes every problem. That simply isn't how change will work. Our goal is to build a culture of small, deliberate changes. Like blades of grass, each change is relatively powerless, but together they form a completely different landscape. 

Round One

For this first round of experiments, we are testing three hypotheses (outlined below). The experiments will run from February 1st through March 31st. If you are interested in learning more about the outcomes, join our mailing list and we will keep you in the loop.

What do you mean by "experiment?"

Great question. We are doing this old school - meaning that the experiments need to follow the age-old process of hypothesis/test/outcome. Each experiment needs to be focused and specific, with the main goal of learning something new. We aren't trying to fix everything, we simply want to try something. We want to create change by diving in.

Experiment Overview

When preparing experiments for the Caregiver Report User Story, it quickly became clear that many counties have different approaches, and few people know precisely what to do.

In this experiment, we test the hypothesis that providing clear information will raise foster parent satisfaction.

There are few things more effective than a simple feedback loop. For many foster parents, they might spend hours preparing a caregiver report, only to send it in and never hear a word.

In this experiment, we test the impact of providing confirmation of receipt using good, old-fashioned self-addressed-stamped-envelopes.

Without fail, a top concern of foster families is that they carry a lot of responsibility without having much of a voice. One area in particular where caregivers feel voiceless is around visits.

In this experiment, we test the hypothesis that providing an avenue for feedback about visit experiences will improve caregiver satisfaction.


Failure. It happens.

We do not expect every experiment to be a raging success. That simply isn't how learning works. Here at the Lab we embrace the idea that in order to learn and grow, we must fail. And that failure is incredibly valuable if we are open with it and use it as an opportunity to learn together. To learn with us, join our mailing list.