How to Submit A Caregiver Report In Pierce County

Caregivers in Pierce County have two options for submitting their Caregiver’s report to the court, in person or by mail. Please follow steps 1 through 3 then select one of the two below options that works best for your family.

Step 1

 Fill out the Caregiver’s Report to the Court form.

Step 2

Send the filled-out Caregiver’s Report to the Court form to the child’s assigned state social worker at least 10 days prior to court date. Do not skip this step.

Step 3

Fill in Caregiver’s Report Cover Sheet. Make two copies - one will stay with the court and one will be returned to you.


  • (A) Please fill in the name of the dependent child you are caring for.

  • (B) Fill in the case number. The case number can be obtained from the child’s state social worker. It can also be found on some court documents, mileage reimbursement forms, or travel authorizations. You may also get this information from the child’s CASA or GAL if they have one appointed.

  • (C) Fill in the child’s full birth date.

  • (D) Fill in as much as possible of the date and time of the hearing. If you can’t obtain this information from the state social worker or CASA/GAL the clerk will fill in this information.  The clerk is also able to fill in the case number if this cannot be obtained.

Step 4

You can deliver your caregiver report either by mail or in person.