What is the impact of simply checking in?

On our Visitation Scheduling page we discuss the impact of caregivers being left out of the scheduling process. There are many changes that can have an impact on this process, but we want to start by simply seeing what happens when you start providing feedback loops.



As a foster parent, I want to be adequately notified of changes to the visitation plan, so that I can plan my family's schedule accordingly.



Caregivers will report increased satisfaction if they are given an avenue for providing feedback on a visitation experience.


This experiment will be open to all foster parents in Washington state.

  1. We have prepared a simple survey that can be completed after each visit. 
  2. This page will be shared through our mailing lists and using Facebook groups to spread awareness across the state.
  3. We will collect these reports from February 1st - March 31st.


Within the survey, respondents are asked several questions, including whether having a chance to provide feedback has an impact on their overall feeling of satisfaction.

So how'd it go?

Well, the short story is that it didn't. One of our Key Learnings from the overall experience of The Lab is that foster parent exhaustion, distrust, and gaps in the available communication channels can make it hard to get momentum. All of our experiments were hampered by low traffic, which meant that we didn't get any statically significant data. Which is ok with us, because we learned some important things, and learning is the name of our game.

What happens next?

We are currently planning Phase Two. Join our mailing list to get the latest updates.