The foster care system in Washington state needs some work - and we’re digging in.

The Foster Innovation Lab exists to inspire positive change within foster care by contributing to a culture of innovation, creativity, and shared learning. We do this by clarifying challenges, facilitating collaboration, and promoting better conversations.

In our first phase we sought to demonstrate the power of data and iteration, and in our second we are going to take those same concepts and double down on building hope.

Why hope?

In Phase One, one of the core problems we saw was that people felt overwhelmed, angry, and hopeless. And when we are hopeless, then we have no chance of tackling the very big problems ahead of us. And the 5,000 kids currently in the foster care system need us to tackle those problems.

So we decided that change begins with hope, and we are determined to build pockets of energy and excitement throughout the fostering community.

At the core of our efforts is a desire to have better conversations.

Conversations that are forward-moving and creative. Conversations with people who are dedicated and accountable. We will facilitate those conversations through both data collection and events.


Let’s all say it together: “you can’t change what you can’t measure.” Yes, hope is a hard concept to measure, but we think it’s possible. And more importantly, we want to dig deeper into the reasons that people do or do not feel hopeful.


There are few things more encouraging than a table full of people who are dedicated to making things better. But good intentions are only part of the recipe - we also need clear steps forward. Our events will combine training, brainstorming, and hopefully a good amount of laughter.


Intrigued? Good, join us.

Share your voice.

Once a month we will survey those involved with the Washington state foster care system about how hopeful they feel. To share your thoughts, make sure you are signed up for our mailing list.

Join a conversation.

Depending on your role and location, we will have several types of events for you to join. To learn more, use the button below to tell us a bit about yourself.

Support us.

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