How to Submit A Caregiver Report In Cowlitz County

What is a Caregiver Report?  

A caregiver report is a report written by a foster parent about a foster child in their home.  The Caregiver report is the foster parents’ opportunity to tell the Judge how a child in their home is doing and how the Department is handling the case.   

Why would I fill out a Caregiver Report?

Foster Parents see the day-to-day functioning of the kids in their home.  The Foster Parent can provide a unique perspective to the Court which can add valuable insights to inform the Judge and remind all involved in the case, that this a real child.   

When can I fill out a caregiver report?

A foster parent may complete and submit a caregiver report prior to any hearing regarding the foster child in their home.  

Step 1: Complete the Report

About 45 days prior to a hearing the Department usually mails the foster parent a blank caregiver form to fill out.  The blank report comes with a self-addressed envelope.

If you are aware of an upcoming hearing and have not received a caregiver report form in the mail, you can use the link below to download an electronic copy. You may handwrite your report (make sure to use black or blue ink) or you can complete it electronically. Whether you write or type the report, make sure that you sign and date the bottom of the report.

Step 2: Submit the Report

The report should be submitted to the social worker at least 10 days prior to the scheduled hearing.  

There are a few different ways to submit the report:

  1. You can put the report into the self-addressed envelope provided by the Department and stick it in the mail.  The report will then get back to your child’s assigned social worker.   
  2. You can provide the report directly to your child’s assigned social worker either in-person or electronically.    

What happens to my caregiver report once I submit it?  

Once the assigned social worker receives your completed caregiver report it is the social worker's job to file the report with the court.  The social worker must also provide copies to all of the Parties in your child’s case. This generally includes: the assistant attorney general, the parents attorneys (who likely pass the report on to the birth parents), the CASA volunteer, and the child’s attorney (if they have one).  Once the report is filed with the court it is placed in the court file for the judge to review prior to the hearing.